Canvas Awnings & Auto Sun Blinds

Canvas Awnings & Auto Sun Blinds

Canvas Blinds are a traditional and affordable way to shade your windows from the harsh Australian weather.

The “Classic” Sun Blind provides an efficient and economical way to block the sun from beaming through your window and heating up your room, while also helping to protect your carpets and furniture from fading and discolouring.

We stock a large range of transparent fabrics to help maintain your view outside while still protecting you inside. Traditional and acrylic fabrics are also available.

Crank Operated Awnings are an excellent way to cover a large window and have it easy to operate for any person or motorise for hard to reach applications.

For doors, the Variant Crank Operated Awning is perfect. This enables the user to slide the pivoting arms up at the back to provide a flatter pitch and enable access through the door.