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PVC Cafe Blinds installation for Burgur Marriott Waters

Are you looking for an affordable outdoor cafe blind solution?

Cafe blinds are a great way to close off an area and create protection from the elements.

Easy to operate Cafe Blinds are a cost effective alternative to Zip Track blind. Cafe blinds come in many different colours and fabrics, allow for difficult installation configurations, plus designed to suit your budget and lifestyle

Here is an example of how Cafe blinds can be installed in tricky situations like this one at Burgur in Marriott Waters, due to their flexibility.

Burgur is not your average Hamburger Burger place. If you sick of the tasteless fast food burger rat race then you need to take a drive and experience the Burgur difference for yourself.

What is the difference between Cafe Blinds and Zip Track Blinds?

Zip track blinds have side channels that the blind is passed through to give it a complete seal from the elements. Zip Track blinds allow you to set the blind at any height as they are secured within the track.

Cafe Blinds on the other hand are usually secured using metal side rails or rods or can be simply secured with Dog Clips which are located on the base rail of the blind. To adjust the height will require extra fixing point to be added.

What is the difference in price between Cafe Blinds and Zip Track Blinds?

Zip track blinds with their more robust side rails require more time to install and use more materials in their construction. Cafe Blinds on the other hand are quick and easy to install often by only one person, use less materials in their construction and can be as much as 50% cheaper than Zip Track Blinds.

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    PVC - ClearPVC - SmokeMeshSignature Series PVC Mesh Combo

    example: Outdoor blind 1 is estimated to be 3650 wide x 2400 high



    Why install Excalibur Aluminium Security Roller Shutters

    Why choose BookEzy’s Excalibur range of Security Aluminium Roller Shutters

    Here is a list of the main benefits.

    Do Aluminium Roller Shutters block out traffic noise? YES. Excalibur Security Roller Shutters significantly dampen road noise so you can sleep better at night.

    Do External Roller Shutters block out natural light? YES. If you work shift and need to sleep during the day, along with blocking road noise, they function well to block out natural light. Excalibur’s unique design side rails wrap around the brick to create the ultimate light seal.

    Roller Shutters keep your home safe from intruders. Our unique side rail system provide extra protection. Unlike standard shutters the side rails are also attached inside the shutters to stop would be thieves from prying them off. Our propriety bottom rail also stop the shutters from being pulled open from underneath giving you double the protection.

    Do Security Roller Shutters provide Weather Protection?. Yes. They have been proven to Keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter and SAVE MONEY ON YOUR POWER BILLS as a result. Roller Shutters have amazing Energy Saving benefits due to the foam core filling and quality aluminium outer cover which is powder coated in the latest and most populate Colourbond colours.

    What is the order turnaround time?

    After you have accepted our quote, we conduct a second check measure to make sure your shutters are custom made to the exact requirements of your windows. Then your Security Roller Shutters are manufactured right here in our factory in Melbourne with a turnaround time from check measure to fully installed of 10 -14 days!

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      Excalibur 44 mm Double line Foam Filler Aluminium Security Roller Shutters55 mm Security Roller Shutters (Ideal for widths greater than 3 metres or for commercial use)Privacy ScreensExternal Aluminium Plantation Shutters

      Not ApplicableMotorised With SwitchesMotorised with Remote ControlMotorised with Control By Mobile PhoneManual Operation

      Awning size est 3500 mm wide by 3000 extended
      Window Awning Width 2000 x 1800 mm drop

      Other request, simply type what you are looking for help on below.



      How to clean PVC outdoor blinds

      Keep your PVC Outdoor Blinds looking like new.

      We recommend and use VuPlex to clean our eZip Track Outdoor Blinds

      Are you looking for information on how to clean PVC outdoor blinds?
      VuPlex is a fantastic product that we know works and is available at your local Bunnings store and has been proven to be an easy and effective way to polish, protect & clean eZip Outdoor Blinds in most cases bringing them back to NEW condition.

      Watch this short video to see for yourself how easy it is to clean your outdoor blinds.

      short video

      BookEzy Shutters and Blinds recommends VuPlex as it has been proven to be safe on bistro blinds, alfresco blinds, clear plastic blinds, clear veranda blinds, clear PVC blinds, outdoor patio blinds, flexible clear blinds, vinyl blinds and successfully removes some scratches and most importantly static build up on the surfaces.

      How to keep your eZip Outdoor Blinds looking like new 24/7

      eZips like any outdoor blind system work better with just a little bit of care and not left up for long periods.
      * PVC blinds if rolled up may form ripples which usually drop out when rolled down and exposed to the sun.
      * Over a period of time dust will build up in the tracks, simply hose out with clean water.
      * DO NOT USE WD40 or oil based lubricant sprays to lube or clean the tracks. Silicone sprays are Ok and will be a little noisy for a couple of uses but settles down.
      * DO NOT USE chemicals to clean the PVC such as Mr Sheen, Windex or other brands. We only use and recommend VuPlex.
      * eZips SHOULD NEVER be rolled up WET as it causes a milky white film to build up on the PVC.
      * PVC outdoor blinds will mark and scratch easily if you dont use a soft cloth and the correct cleaning products and could void your warranty.

      Can eZip Outdoor Blinds be used in windy weather?

      In extremely windy conditions it is recommended that you have a WIND SENSOR fitted to your outdoor blinds to ensure they are retracted safely if conditions deteriorate to a level where it is likely to damage your blinds. Whilst eZip outdoor blinds are extremely tough and can handle most conditions, it si recommended that you store your eZip Track Outdoor Blinds in the retracted position when SEVERE STORM WARNINGS are published.


      All our eZip track Outdoor Blinds come with a 2 year warranty on components, 5years on both fabrics and motors. Warranty does not cover damage arising from mis-use, lack of maintenance, or adverse weather conditions.Learning how to clean PVC outdoor blinds is easy. To apply VuPlex simply use a soft cloth and with a little time your eZip Track Outdoor Blinds are brought back to life and looking like new again. To learn more watch the video blow or go to www.vuplex.co.

      Watch the video below for a more indepth look at what Vuplex can do around your home.

      Is it time for new outdoor blinds?

      Book your in-home, no obligation, free consultation today by calling BookEzy Shutters and Blinds on 1300 946 227 to see how we can transform your patio into a year round living space, or complete your details below and we will contact you shortly.

        PVC - ClearPVC - SmokeMeshSignature Series PVC Mesh Combo

        example: Outdoor blind 1 is estimated to be 3650 wide x 2400 high



        Old School eZip Track Outdoor Blinds Signature Series – Pioneer Park

        When your business relies on happy customers you can rely on eZip track Blinds to provide an outdoor entertaining solution.

        Primary@Pioneers Park serves breakfast and lunch 7 days per week and is located in the historic primary school over looking the stunning Pioneer Park in the heart of Berwick.

        The owners wanted to take their relaxed, casual dining experience to the outdoor area, allowing parents to watch over their children playing in the park, friends to catch up or simply couples out enjoying the atmosphere in an environment that would allow a comfortable experience 365 days a year.

        primary at pioneer park

        After installing a canopy they turned to the team at Hardback Industries and BookEzy Shutters and Blinds to create the ultimate all weather dining environment.

        Selecting from BookEzy’s EXCLUSIVE eZip Track Outdoor Blind Signature Series, “Old School” a fitting combination of UV Stabilized clear PVC and Monument 99% block out mesh. The clear PVC shelters customers from the rain and wind on colder days, and sunny days the blinds are rolled up to allow the mesh to act as a sun visor.

        Experience Primary on Pioneer Park for yourself, they are a fully licensed dining venue located in beautiful Pioneers Park, Berwick Village. Open 7 days and offer quality tasty food and drinks, served by very friendly staff.

        Check out their website for more information http://primarypp.com/

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          PVC - ClearPVC - SmokeMeshSignature Series PVC Mesh Combo

          example: Outdoor blind 1 is estimated to be 3650 wide x 2400 high